My First Electic Car But..

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Post by gowron492 » Sat Sep 12, 2020 8:45 pm

Hi All,

I'm very close now to putting down a deposit to buy my first 'New' 'Electric' 'Corsa'.

Although I will be going for the Elite Nav 11kW, there are a few things that bug me about the Corsa:

Why can't I get the adaptive cruise control on the electric version? :-(

Why is there no off option on the light switch? :-(

Why is there no lumbar support unless you get the Ultimate (which is not available in the electric version)? :-(

Now I would also luv electric seats but can understand why this isn't an option as I expect the battery pack takes up the space.


P.S. Did Vauxhall run out of time when developing the digital display dash? :-o

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