Corsa F 1.2 130ps odd engine knock at idle

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Post by eng_ahmad1986 » Sat Jun 04, 2022 12:13 am

Hello to all From Egypt :)

please excuse my English as it might be not perfect :)

New here and I have that odd issue that I hope any one could help me out :)

I have a Corsa F 1.2 130 ps 6 speed auto ( EAT6 , thats what we get in Egypt, not the EAT8 )

I have this odd knock on idle after a cold start, when fully warmed up it diminishes to a great extent but its still there, only when you drive it really hard ( spirited driving ) it goes away, I had this knock since new, current mileage is 11k km.

its a low frequency knock that's similar to a piston slap , and its not the noise of the injectors or the high pressure fuel pump ( I know them very well , I owned a MK8 Fiesta 1.0 ecoboost before :) ) .

here is a link for the video I've recorded for the car, just listen carefully and try to filter out other fuel pump and injector noises, its in a lower frequency that them.

is it normal ? and if so then what could it be ?

any help would be much appreciated :)

thank you very much for considering :)

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